Notices for Customization of Summer Workwear

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What should we pay attention to in order to customize summer work clothes? What are the precautions for the customization of work clothes? Many enterprises often need many problems when customizing work clothes, and they don't know how to customize them. And the customization of work clothes also needs to take into account the seasonal issues, different seasons in the customization of work clothes also need to take into account different aspects.

1. Customization of Workwear - Suitable to Local Conditions

It's not about recognizing the identity of each employee to customize clothes, but it's too expensive. Here is a short description of the local conditions refers to the different work needs according to the characteristics of the work to select different styles of fabric work clothes. For example, workers in the construction industry should choose relatively more wear-resistant and wearable fabrics, and the summer is more hot, the deeper the color, the more heat absorption, so we should prevent the selection of too deep color. And it's better to wear a long sleeve coat that is breathable, so that it's sunproof and not too hot. If you are a white-collar worker in the office, it is appropriate to choose a relatively formal Polo shirt, work shirt, etc., which is both leisure and not too formal.


2. Customization of Workwear: Corporate Culture

Every enterprise will have its own corporate culture characteristics, and an enterprise's work clothes is also a way to show corporate culture, so when customizing enterprise's work clothes, we must select the style and main tone of work clothes according to the characteristics of enterprise culture. It is very important to have exclusive main tones, which can deepen the image of the public. For example, hungry takeaway overalls are blue and the beauty troupe is yellow. When you see their overalls, you can tell which company they are. This can fix the general image of each brand in the hearts of the public, so as to achieve better visibility.

3. Customization of Workwear - Portable and breathable

Workwear customization also needs to take into account the convenience of workers working, such as the need for workers to use several pockets at work, the higher utilization of pockets under the jacket, whether to choose zipper pockets and so on, which need to be planned according to the characteristics of each job.

4. Work clothes customization - beautiful and fashionable

Many enterprises often neglect the beauty of work clothes when customizing work clothes, which is also a factor that should be taken into account. Although work clothes are different from everyday clothes, they do not need good aesthetic planning, but if it is a work clothes divorced from the public aesthetics, the staff will have less enthusiasm and motivation when they wear work clothes.

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