How to Choose Customized Material for Jiangmen Workwear

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The material of work clothes varies from season to season, and the suitable material of work clothes varies from season to season. According to the fabric of the clothes, how should we choose the material of the work clothes? The fabric and material of clothes are very important to human comfort. When the company wants to customize the work clothes, we must pay attention to a few points to judge the quality of the work clothes and choose suitable work clothes. If we look at the material quality:

1. Dacron cards: They have more texture and handle, strong sag and support, strong strength and wear resistance, very small shrinkage rate, and are not easy to distort the appearance of the products, with affordable price and good durability.

2. Pure cotton canvas: high density, solid handle, clear weave, strong wear resistance, is a good material for making jackets.

3. Poplin: All kinds of poplin fabrics have the characteristics of clean and smooth surface, fine texture, plump grain pattern, luster and luster, soft and slippery handle, etc. They are used as the optional materials for summer work clothes.

4. Dust-proof and static electricity-proof: This kind of fabric is firm, wear-resistant, soft, comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and can be processed into various high-grade anti-static cotton working clothes, which are suitable for flammable and explosive working environments such as storage and transportation, chemical industry, gas, petroleum, coal mine, shipping, astronautics, military industry, etc.


If you look at the variety of station work clothes:

There are many kinds of work clothes, which can be divided into administrative work clothes, work uniforms and work tools.

The backbone enterprises that specialize in planning, development, production and operation of work clothes should have generous style, enthusiasm and sensitive color work uniforms; if they are suitable for all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises and special needs, they should use work clothes with certain protective ability.

According to the above classification of work clothes, the selection of fabrics for work clothes can also be divided into three categories.

1. Administrative work clothes with both work clothes and fashion characteristics are not as clear as work uniforms in terms of wearing regulations and requirements and dense commercial nature, so they are the most popular clothing in business activities and activities. Because the administrative work clothes pursue grade and trend, so the material is more sophisticated. The most commonly used fabrics for general administrative work clothing are wool-proof serge, wool polyester and pure wool fabrics.

2. Workwear is a specially planned dress which is different from other work. It has obvious function and image display. It also standardizes the behavior of employees and has the ability of civilized sequencing company. The most commonly used fabrics for working uniforms are chemical fibers, five-dollar satin, brocade, tribute silk brocade, tooling, serge, washing cloth, etc.

3. Work tooling emphasizes general or special functions such as safety, protection and sanitation. Its appearance is to satisfy the needs of ergonomics and protective functions, and is an inevitable product of industrial production. The most commonly used fabrics for general working tools are: pure cotton sandwich cards, polyester cards, canvas, poplin and special materials. The author would like to recommend Yangzhou Yangchen Garment Co., Ltd., which has a complete set of technological equipment and exquisite technology. In addition to custom-made work clothes, you can also customize and produce various kinds of suits, health emergency clothes, cleaning clothes, Polo shirts, T-shirts, assault clothes, coats, jackets, anti-static, anti-acid, anti-flame and other special work clothes.

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