Four Materials of Natural Textile Fiber

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1. Cotton cloth

Cotton cloth is a kind of woven fabric with cotton yarn as its material. Because of the different organization specifications and different post-processing methods, different kinds of cotton cloth are derived. Cotton cloth has the characteristics of soft and comfortable wear, warmth retention, moisture absorption, strong air permeability and easy dyeing and finishing. Because of these natural characteristics, cotton cloth has long been loved by people and has become an indispensable basic commodity in the day. There are many kinds of cotton cloth. The main types are market cloth, fine cloth, coarse cloth, pipery, khaki, Huada cloth, Zhigong cloth, twill, poplin, linen yarn, bubble yarn, corduroy, yarn, velvet and so on.

2. Linen

Hemp cloth is a kind of cloth made of flax, ramie, jute, sisal, banana and other plant fibers. The products made of linen cloth are breathable, fresh, soft, comfortable, washable, sunproof, anti-corrosion and bacteriostasis. But there are also some shortcomings such as uncomfortable dress, rough appearance and rigidity. Hemp cloth is generally used to make leisure clothes, work clothes, but also can be used to make environmental protection packaging, fashion handbags, handicraft gifts and other products.


3. Silk

Silk generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk and so on. Silk, known as the "Queen of Fibers", has been favored by people of all ages for its unique charm. Silk belongs to protein fibers. Silk fibroin contains 18 amino acids which are beneficial to human body. Silk fibers are only natural filament fibers which have been applied in practice. They are coagulated from silkworm instead of mucus.

4. Wool Fabrics

Wool fabric refers to wool and wool yarn, including wool, cashmere, rabbit hair, duck hair, goose hair and other animal hair, which are made by modern spinning technology. Wool fabrics can be divided into three types: worsted wool, woolen wool and long wool. Worsted wool is woven with combed wool yarn, woolen wool is woven with woolen wool yarn, and long wool is a upright wool fabric with woolen yarn.

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